Mother’s Day Gift Tutorial – Cross Stitch Kit in a Jar

Mom, if this is you, STOP! Do not read any further!

Okay, now that I’m sure she is not seeing this…  I crafted a gift for her that she is going to LOVE. I saw a version of this idea on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to give it a try. My mom loves to cross stitch so I made her this gift-in-a-mason-jar.

I’ve seen these where they make them into a pin cushion sewing kit, so I thought, why not a cross stitch kit. Here is how I did it.

1. First I went online and found a free pattern that I thought she would like. I found the pattern I’m using HERE. I’m in love with these cute country owls so I’m hoping she will re-gift when it’s finished!

2. Next I gathered all the supplies that I would need.

The only thing missing here is some batting. You will also need a pencil and a pair of scissors.

3. I wrapped all of the embroidery floss together to make it look nicer and not as messy.

4. I then took the jar and lid and traced two circles, one from the lid upside down and one from the mouth of the jar. Once they are traced, cut them out.

See how the lid is laying with the threads facing down? That is not the way, flip the lid over. I made this mistake and then the circle was too large.

5. Next you will cut a circle out of the fabric for you pin cushion. You’ll want it to be about 1 1/2 inches wider on each side than the circle cut from your ring. I used a bowl that was roughly the correct size.

6. You will now take a palm full of batting and glue it to the wrong side of the circle cut from the lid.

You’ll want just enough to make it poof but not too much or it won’t screw onto the jar.

7. Lay your fabric on top of the batting with the right side facing up and flip the whole pile upside down. Turn the edge of the fabric over the circle and glue into place. When that is done you should have something that looks like this.

8. Now insert this into the ring with the cushiony part facing out through the hole in the ring. Press those edges down past the threads of the ring as much as you can. Now take your other circle and glue it over the exposed fabric edges to give it a finished look. You’ll want the right side of the paper facing out. Here is what you should have now.

9. It’s time now to fill your jar with whatever sewing project that you’ve picked out. I put the picture of the finished piece from the pattern on the outside so she would be able to see what it is right away. I then stuffed the rest of the items behind this so it looks good from all angles.

10. We’re almost done. Go ahead and put your lid on and adorn the outside with whatever strikes your fancy. I used a sheer ribbon for just a bit more color and shimmer. Now stick a few pins in the top to show off that feature and viola! a beautiful gift for your sweet, wonderful, dear mother.

I hope you have as much fun making yours as I did making mine. I’m sure our mothers will love it!

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Mother’s Day Gift Tutorial – Cross Stitch Kit in a Jar — 15 Comments

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  2. This is just the cutest! Thanks so much! My mom passed away in 1998, but it would sure be a sweet idea for stitching friends for their birthday or Christmas or even an exchange or stitching retreat,. I think you could also add a little candy & / or maybe a gift certificate included.

    • Thanks Christine! Oh I love the idea of a gift in a jar exchange, I may have to try that. That would work great in conjunction with a Christmas cookies exchange. The ideas are endless! Thanks so much for visiting. ~ Terrie

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  4. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, here. I started out with doing a lot of those small patterns and put cotton in between the ‘stitched’ piece on top, to make it puffy and then inside the jar (I used the small ones) filled them with different flavors of wrapped candies. They were a joyful gift. There is a pattern booklet with easy to do, small patterns especially for ‘jar lids’ and as I recall, were for both the regular small and larger mouth jars. Your mother is going to love you and give you an extra big hug, too!

    • Thanks Phyllis, oh I know there are so many great ways to use canning jars out there. I love them all, so very creative!

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