My First Skein of Handspun Yarn

My first skein of yarn

This is the first skein of handspun yarn that I have ever made myself. Even though it’s a bit wonky, I’m still pretty proud of it. It’s got the texture more like an art yarn, chunky in spots and thinner in others. It gives a very unique feel to it. I then transformed my yarn into this crazy cowl by Mary Keenan.

Crazy Cowl

While knitting it I discovered that this wonderful texture also makes it a bit tricky to knit, especially since I am still a novice knitter. Thankfully this crazy cowl patter is very forgiving and lends itself nicely to a chunky handspun yarn texture.

While doing a bunch of research on spinning I was amazed at how experienced spinners can get their yarn so thin and perfect! What I want to know is how long does it take to get that good? Do any of you spin? I would love to hear your stories and advice.

I’ve started spinning my next batch of fiber which is the alpaca from my cousin’s farm. It’s beautiful and oh so soft but it is also more difficult to spin. I’m about half way done and I can’t wait to work this yarn into something wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out Mary’s wonderful pattern!

~ Terrie

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My attempts at spinning yarn

Handspun Yarn

Hi Friends! So it’s been a few weeks and I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on. I’ve been learning to spin yarn and this is my second attempt! It’s getting closer to what it should really look like but much better than my first attempt, which by the way, looked a lot like dreadlocks… I’m learning the spindle method through a class on Craftsy called Spinning from fluff to stuff and was a bit disheartened at first. It’s a lot harder than it looks, but like with anything, the more you practice the easier it gets.

My goal is to hand spin some alpaca yarn that my aunt gave me from my cousin’s alpaca’s that she raises on her farm Pronking Acres. I decided not to use it right off, so my mistakes would be made on the less desirable fiber. I’d say I have a few more tries and then I’ll try it on the alpaca. I LOVE alpaca, it is so soft! A fact that I was a little shocked to discover because they sure don’t look soft. :)

Once I get the hang of spinning on the spindle I’ll move on to a spinning wheel. I got a super good deal on one at an auction this week.

Spinning WheelI got it for only $35 dollars! I’m so excited to give it a try.

I would love to hear if any of you have tried hand spinning on either a spindle or wheel and how it went. Also, if you know of any good training resources, that would be great as well.

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Just call me Gimpy

Bum foot

Yep, that’s the scene I’ve been looking at for the last 24 hours. I’ve got a bum foot, but it could have been so much worse. Yesterday I was working outside on our new booth, getting ready to paint the pieces. I ran in the house to get something and took a spill from the step leading down to the driveway. I landed face down on the concrete and somehow only ended up hurting my foot around the toes. I either broke a toe or just bruised the surrounding tissue. At the moment I can’t walk unassisted and it’s pretty swollen, black and blue, and hurts like the dickens. It does look a little better today though, so I’m thinking I’ll most likely pull through. :)

I’m taking this down time to work on my journaling, more specifically, practice my lettering. So many cute projects require some sort of hand drawn words and I am REALLY bad at it. I read in another blog somewhere about a good book on lettering and I’m trying to recall what it was. I would love to hear from you if you know of a good one.

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Convertible backpack SUCCESS!

Back in January is when I originally posted about my convertible backpack. I really loved how it turned out so I wanted to recreate this post. (Due to a blog move I lost a year’s worth of posts)

Convertible backpackWe were going on a vacation and I wanted a bag that I could throw on my back to keep my hands free for exploring. The convertible aspect of this pattern is very handy. You can change it from a backpack to a shoulder bag and even to a cross body bag. AWESOMENESS!

I found the pattern in this book. There are all kinds of wonderful bag patterns in here and the backpack pattern filled the bill.

One warning though; I wouldn’t try this if you are a beginning sewer because some of the instructions are more implied than actually stated. I had to stop and think a bit on a few of the steps to figure out where she was going.

It finally turned out wonderful though and worked perfectly on my trip. I even ended up having a request for a couple more by family members.

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~ Terrie

A Camping We Did Go

CampfireThis is why it’s been a bit since the last post here. I’ve been deep cleaning the trailer, shopping, and packing for our first camping trip of the season. Since about two summers ago actually…

Toasted marshmallowIt was so nice and relaxing to finally get away. We even splurged and had a few smores. I like my marshmallows a bit burnt. Are you a burner or just a toaster?

Water playEven our sweet golden retriever Hannah had a blast playing in the river. She probably doesn’t look like a golden to you because she is sporting her summer hairdoo. It’s much easier this way!

River at duskThe last night we were there it was free fishing day statewide so we tried our hand at it a bit. Okay, I actually just sat there and watched my son and daughter-in-law and took a few photos. It was so gorgeous!

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to the next trip coming up next month. I better hurry up and get some crafting done!

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